Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to keep you computer running fast and at its best.

I decided to write this article because I thought someone might find it useful and I know enouph about the subject to write it. So here it is.......

Many people complain that there computers are running slow .....They don't know what to do they blame it on the computer. They have a bad experience with there computer and then they don't like the computer or the internet and loose interest......I can Understand that feeling when your computer gets really slow. I just want to pick it up and throw it on the ground sometimes. It can be upsetting when you are trying to do somethng important......

Here are a few simple steps that will keep your computer running at its best. (Fast as Possible)

#1. Always Keep a up to date anti virus on your computer......sometimes you have to go through a few to find one that you like and is good. If you don't like your Anti Virus get a different one .....Sometimes a bad anti virus can make your computer run slow.....

#2. Keep an Registry Checker Software on your Computer. It can help a lot . Just one click of the button and the registry checker restores your registry Automatically and you are ready to go.....Fast again.

#3. When you computer starts to run slow this is what to do:

a. Go to (MY COMPUTER) right click on the C: drive go down to properties left click on properties. Then Click on the TOOLS tab then under error checking click check now, and check both boxes and click start. This is a Disk Repair. Let your computer do the rest. Do this often and your computer will alway run fast and smoothly.

#4 Still have a problem Here is what to do: Go to Control Panel click on Add/Remove programs go throught the list and remove any programs you don't need or the ones you are not using very often....Be careful not to delete any that your computer needs like drivers, or Important software programs. Too many programs Installed on your computer can cause it to run slow and also to start up slow.......Because you computer it forced to load all the programs every time you start up your computer......

That is it.......

Do Disc Checks Often.
Remove Programs you don't use.
Use A Good Anti Virus and Regsitry Checker.

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